Thursday, March 13, 2014


Two new End Result releases are now available to stream and pre-order.

ER-06: Dying / Woodwork - Split 7"

- Dying from Philadelphia and Woodwork
from France collaborate on this split 7"
that transcends continental divides, each
band contributing two tracks of dark and
metallic hardcore.

- Split release with Pureheart (CZE), Dans
Le Vide (FRA), and Hydrogen Man
Records (PHL).

ER-09: Ventriloquist - Depersonalization
Therapy C10

- Two tracks of power electronics driven
by dense, layered soundscapes.

- An account of intentional removal
from undesirable external environments,
how it can attribute to unforeseen
internal disconnection and ultimately a
decay in self-understanding.



ER-07: J.A. - Funeral Rites zine
- A compilation of 11 poems stitch-bound onto black printed cardstock.
- Explores the prospect of death and the maintenance of individual identity in an earthly life seemingly
governed entirely by deterministic systems of government, economy, culture, society, and religion.
- purchase

- Fast and raw hardcore punk.
- Focuses on the repressive apathy of human nature exhibited in countless social environments
when presented with opportunities for self-betterment and the development of individualistic ideals.
- stream / purchase



- preview


Thursday, February 20, 2014

UPDATE: 02/20/2014

A long overdue update comes in form of a new tape release as well as announcements for several upcoming releases:

Firstly, a demo tape is now available for a new band from Philadelphia called Disinterest. The recordings can be listened to on bandcamp and tapes will be available for purchase at their first show, tonight at the Golden Teahouse in west Philly, as well as online.

Secondly , an announcement for the release of a split 7" between Dying from Philadelphia and Woodwork from France. This idea has been in the works since last September, but the release is now slotted for April 1st. Pre-orders will be available soon.

Lastly for now, albeit this was released last autumn and never formally announced, copies of Funeral Rites are still available online and will also be available at Disinterest's first show.

More information available under RELEASES.


Thursday, October 10, 2013


Braille will be headed south and then up to Canada for their final tour. Last show is in Philadelphia some time in December.

They have also released a full-length tape which will be available on the tour. Listen to it here.

Friday, June 14, 2013


Мища and Bath Salts are into the third day of their mini summer tour as of today. They played in Philadelphia last night at the new MySpace house in South Philly and it was a body heat-induced sauna.

Bath Salts has the rest of their tapes for the tour and they are no longer available online.

These are the remaining dates:

6/14 - Trenton, NJ - Mill Hill Basement

6/15 - Frederick, MD - The Rats Nest

6/16 - Richmond, VA - The Smash Palace

Monday, May 13, 2013


Bath Salts played their tape release show this past Friday, May 10th, in Philadelphia with Mere Phantoms, Dead Gods, and Ephraim Huit.

The official release info is as follows:

END RESULT 05: Bath Salts - The Tears of Those Who Grieve /50
Release Date: 05/10/2013
Format: Tape

25 Black: A-side has "Bath Salts" and cover designs screenprinted in white.
25 Red-Tinted Clear: A-side has "Bath Salts" and cover designs screenprinted in white with blue streaks.

All cassettes come in a clear jewel case with a three panel J-card insert, 8-panel fold out lyric sheet, and an Afterglow poem insert.

Hand numbered out of 50.

Promotional posters available at release show. /25

Screenprinted by Bren King ( with help from Paige Hoehl.

Designed and produced by End Result.

Full layout.

Promotional 11" x 17" posters. /25

Additionally, the webstore has been updated with Callow's Disappear Here tapes.

Pre-orders have have been shipped out today, and today's orders will ship out Thursday.

Thank you so much.

Friday, May 3, 2013


Bath Salts mix raw, emotive hardcore punk with dark and sludgy sounds of chaotic powerviolence. Their newest release, The Tears Of Those Who Grieve, will be released by End Result in form of 50 cassettes. Having only been active since the end of last summer, this tape illustrates a much more matured and fluid effort as compared to their initial demo, paying much more attention to complementary vocal delivery, low-end driven guitar work, and painfully urgent lyricism.

Pre-order online via End Result here:

They're a 3-piece band from Maryland with members still in high school, but they really deliver one hell of an impact. You can listen to The Tears Of Those Who Grieve on bandcamp and follow what Bath Salts is up to on Facebook. This coming week, they'll be playing at Club K in Baltimore on Thursday, May 9th, and at The Soup Kitchen in Philadelphia on Friday the 10th. They're also in the process of planning a tour for June.

5/09: Bath Salts, Mere Phantoms, Neck First, WASTE @ Club K, Baltimore, MD

5/10: Bath Salts, Teens And Trucks, Mere Phantoms, Dead Gods @ The Soup Kitchen, Philadelphia, PA

Release information to follow.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


END RESULT 04: Less Life - Side of Spilt with Dying /50
Release Date: 04/04/2013

30 Gray-Tinted Clear: A side has "Less Life" spraypainted in red.
20 Red-Tinted Clear: A side has "Less Life" spraypainted in black.

All cassettes come in a clear jewel case with a three panel J-card insert, sealed inside a plastic poly bag.

Hand numbered out of 50.

Designed by Less Life, produced by End Result.


END RESULT 03: Braille - Four Adult Males EP /100
Release Date: 04/04/2013

50 Black: A side has "Braille" spraypainted in red braille text.
30 Gray: A side has "Braille" spraypainted in black braille text.
20 Gray-Tinted Clear: A side has "Braille" spraypainted in red braille text.

All cassettes come in a clear jewel case with an eight panel fold-out J-card insert, sealed inside a plastic poly bag which has a display sticker on it.

Hand numbered out of 100.

Photos, design, and production by End Result.


END RESULT 02: Insurrection - 2013 Demo /100
Release Date: 04/04/2013

100 Gray: Gray tapes with black and white inserts.
                  Black imprinting on A and B sides of the tape.

50 available through the band, 50 through End Result.

All cassettes come in a clear jewel case with a three panel double sided J-card insert.

Designed and produced by Insurrection, supported by End Result.



Dialogues - A Benefit Compilation for Chenoa Manor Animal Sancturary
Released by Hydrogen Man Records.
Add Date: 04/05/2013

Dying - Quitter//Lonely Parallax CS
Released by Hydrogen Man Records.
Add Date: 04/05/2013